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PocketInns : Frequently Asked Questions List

Guest's FAQ

1. How much do you charge to join up?

Our membership is completely free. No strings attached. You pay when you make a reservation.

2. I'm looking for the best deal. Which bid should I choose?

If you're looking for the best deal and you can wait up to a full day before your room is reserved, go with our reverse bidding. That way you can have hosts bid for your business.

3. Do I have to choose reverse bidding? Can't I just rent a place?

You don't have to use our reverse bidding. You can use our regular booking and reserve a place. But if you have some time, you're feeling adventuresome, and want to save some money, try our reverse bidding.

4. Can I choose just a short stay in the daytime, or maybe at night?

Yes! We intentionally allow people to choose short stays during the day 9:30 am to 5:30 pm or overnight 8:00 pm to 8:00 am.

5. What if I want to stay for more than one day?

That's great! We accommodate that too, (so to speak). Whether you're staying part of the day, overnight, or over several days, we can help find the right place for you.

6. Why can't I choose a property of my choice under the Bid option?

The system is designed to save you money and maximize revenue to our hosts. In case of bidding you choose one of the properties you've agreed on. In certain cases It's up to the host to decide if he or she wants to rent their property for the price you want if a preapproval on the random chosen property is required but if its a case of an Instant Booking you will immediately be assigned the property. In case they don't get back to you or reject the bid, you have other properties and their owners that you've agreed on that will bid for your business and on the other hand its a democratic way where we honestly don't know who will accept your bid, so that's why you can't choose the exact property. In case you do want to chose the exact property of your choice just select the Instant Booking or the Regular Booking option istead of the Bid option to suit your requirements.

7. I need a place right NOW. What will instant booking do for me?

Instant booking will reserve an place for you in 12 hours. You will get a fair, already agreed on price for the place, however, it won't be as low as the prices reverse bidding offers.

8. How long does it take before I know if my bid has been accepted?

In many cases, it will be 12 hours or less. You will know if anyone has accepted your price range within 24 hours.

9. What if I have to cancel my reservations? Is there a refund policy?

Please refer our cancellation and guest refund policy page.

10. Will I get a refund if no one accepts my bid?


11. How much do you charge as a booking/transaction/service fee?

We follow the industry standards and charge a 6% to 12% service fee for each transaction from the customer. This allows us to meet our costs for providing you these services.

Host's FAQ

1. Do I have to pay for my membership?

No, membership is completely free.

2. Do I have to pay to list my places?

No, our fee come out the time of booking the reservation.

3. How much do you charge from the booking?

We take a 3 percent to 12 percent transaction/processing fee, depending on the transaction and property.

4. How many properties can I list with PocketInns?

You can list an unlimited number of properties available.

5. What if I decide not to lease during the 12 hour window? Is there a penalty?


6. What if I'm offered to bid on the guest?

You have 12 hours to bid and respond.

7. I want to offer my property as an instant booking property only. Can I do that?


8. What is your cancellation policy regarding bookings?

Please refer our cancellation & guest refund policy page.